It is sometimes a noise sometimes silence, people hurry and they do not have time to meet themselves, every thing seeks attention. The machine is taking me home, from work I am driving exhausted, listening to the radio and thinking: we all dream and pay, but things take us. To life you go fast until you realize you are a man, to mourn who knows, but there is something that he does not know yet, which thing eludes from him and an unfulfilled wish. Everything he has! – yet again something is missing, there is emptiness, and deepness. Where am I from, asks the man, can I get lost?

I have just arrived, tomorrow is another day, the fridge I am opening, having dinner, and tired I am watching TV; is the life a dream? The Internet. Everything is fine, hard thoughts do not come when you are with friends having fun, everything is okay to a man that is not alone, to survive is all we need, isn’t it? Was this a plan for stars too, and nothing more, eating well and sleeping for tomorrow, sleeping life strong and healthy. When a men sails through deepness, all plans fall, he travels all alone.

There’s everything, life is a worry and fear, only stars send a glow, promise, salvation; if we knew that earlier. I do not know now. I am thinking of a better plan. What can I imagine, perhaps a city of the Sun, on the highest floor, somewhere above the buildings everything shines, and there is a dark – can that light and that dark be only one thing? It is hard for me to keep pushing through my thoughts, they themselves may connect to a cosmic window where a man cries, because he bodes that he is further. Tears are for men. Can I draw near the space with time to myself?! To be here, and yet everywhere, it is already a wish; since that music is playing in the Space!

A man, when does not have IT, seeks and buys, lives, works, loves, swims plays, worries, he is a half, he knows that – it hurts a lot, he is not so little, but lost.

Dorein Way


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